Hello There :)

I'm Tania - a student studying Biology and French at University. Undercover Diva is my alter-ego.
I'm an Indian Classical dancer - I've been learning and performing for the past 16 years, and it is my biggest passion. I'm totally a nerd, but I do have a whimsical side - I love music, choreographing, novels, fashion design, photography and philosophy. I love to design sets and clothes for the stories I write, and I tend to dream up my stories at all times of day - at times you might find me with a blank look on my face!

This blog is an outlet for my intense love for fashion. I also have two Tumblrs - one for story-writing inspiration, and another for stuff that I love.

A few things I love: long novels, the smell of the old books, rainstorms and thunderstorm, the smell of the first monsoon rains, coffee, dark chocolate, the feel of Indian silks, mangoes and lychees, Indian jewelry, and stories.
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