Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carolina Herrera Fall 2010 RTW Collection

This year, Carolina Herrera's Fall RTW collection boasted a lot of menswear inspired pieces (wide leg pants, pinstripes, felt hats), comfy looking coats, and some amazing dresses and gowns. Most of the pieces were in traditional fall or neutral colors - cream, black, brown, grey - put punctuated throughout with shots of crimson (as seen on many dresses) and metallics. I really liked the black and white or black and brown dresses with crimson additions (on the collars, hems, and bodices), especially an asymmetric, one-sleeved black and white dress with part of the red bodice peeking out (see below).
I'm a big fan of evening gowns (as you already know), and I liked that most of the long ones featured in this collections didn't have the typical tight bodice and poofy skirt. The gowns were well constructed and mostly in metallic silver-grey shades, which looked fabulous! I also really liked the dresses - they all had little things like strategically placed ruffles and other embellishments that lifted them out the ordinary zone. Overall, I loved most of the collection! Now...if only I could get my hands on some of those dresses! *Sigh*...

All Images courtesy of New York Magazine.

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