Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Lust List | Anndra Neen Jewelry

I was browsing through Elle Magazine's list of Fall must-have investment pieces, and discovered Anndra Neen Jewelry. Anndra Neen Jewelry is a line created by two Mexico-born sisters,  Pheobe and Annette Stephens, in 2009.

New-York based sisters Annette and Phoebe Stephens are the designer-duo behind the jewelry line, Anndra Neen. Inspired in part by her grandmother, Annette Nancarrow, well-respected painter and sculptor, but also by French medieval armour and architecture by Le Corbusier and Louis Khan, they create rustic-glamour rings, cuffs, necklaces and clutches in handmade copper, brass and nickel-silver.  
 Trendland, by Anna Katharina 
They draw their inspiration from a wide variety of cultures - including the Mexican culture that they grew up around, as well as other cultures from around the world, and use a wide variety of metals and materials to craft the jewels. The pieces aren't exactly cheap (they range from about $200 to about $1000 dollars each), but they certainly are lustworthy!!

I've been looking at their designs, and I am totally in love!! Take a look:

They have already designed some shoes, and these two below were my favorites. Especially loved the design on the wooden wedges! 
Here are few places where you can shop for Anndra Neen:

And I leave you with some really cool shots of Anndra Neen Jewelry, shot by Richard Burbridge.



  1. love the jewelry..very unique pieces. Thanks for spotting them!


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