Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lakme Fashion Week | Vaishali S (Indian Textile Day)

Hello readers! I apologize for the very, very long delay. I know I've neglected this blog dearly. I didn't post anything for so long because I didn't find anything that I was excited about. But fear not - Lakme Fashion Week is here, Winter-Festive no less, and I have tons to share with you all.

Without further ado, let's talk fashion!

First post is dedicated to Vaishali S, whose aesthetics I fell completely in love with during my first encounter. Vaishali sticks of her simple aesthetics, again using loads of Chanderi sari fabric, subtle embellishments, and touches of silk. The collection is laid-back, soft (in a good way and without being overly girly) and pretty much exactly what I love - Indian clothes with a bit of a twist. There wasn't a single piece that I didn't like! And I especially loved the large bindis and the pom-pom accessories!

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  1. There wasn't a single piece that I didn't like! and also i really like all accessories. if are intrested in sarees and all, we having all type of stuff...


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