Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Wake Trilogy

I just recently read about a series called the DreamcatcherTrilogy, by Lisa McMann. The series includes three books - Wake, Fade, and Gone. At first I didn't really pay any attention to the series, but then I read a tiny synopsis and I was hooked! My goal to read the trilogy during my spring break - I cannot wait to get my hands on the books! I've read the excerpts online and I am super super super excited to read the actual books :)

Here is the synonpsis of the first novel in the series, Wake:
 Not all dreams are sweet.
For seventeen-year-old Janie, getting sucked into other people's dreams is getting old. Especially the falling dreams, the naked-but-nobody-notices dreams, and the sex-crazed dreams. Janie's seen enough fantasy booty to last her a lifetime.
She can't tell anybody about what she does -- they'd never believe her, or worse, they'd think she's a freak. So Janie lives on the fringe, cursed with an ability she doesn't want and can't control.
Then she falls into a gruesome nightmare, one that chills her to the bone. For the first time, Janie is more than a witness to someone else's twisted psyche. She is a participant.... 

Visit Lisa McMann's website for more information. 

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