Monday, May 10, 2010

The Light at the end of the...

...School year! It's basically the home stretch now - only two more weeks left! Which means that in the next two weeks I will:
*eat lots of Ramen and Lean Cuisine
*spread my endless notes and textbooks all over my room, much to annoyance of the roomie
*consume ridiculous amounts of coffee (and other caffeinated beverages - read: Monster!) like the true coffee-holic that I am
*make many trips to the library
*maybe start to look like a hobo (yikes!)

My trusty Cinnamon Dolce Latte (thank God for a Starbucks on campus!!!), textbooks, and a portion of my notes...
So...I am firmly bidding adieu to the blog-o-sphere for the next weeks...and I shall see you all once I have successfully finished and aced every exam.
Beware- I may look a little different when I am finished.... ;)

(Image from

And if necessary, I shall use this method to relieve any exam-related stress:

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