Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Craft Fair

We had a Spring Craft Fair at my university today. I took a couple of photos but didn't get a lot since the it was disgustingly hot and humid outside, and I was super busy with multiple meetings for multiple clubs!!
Here are the few photos that I took --
These lovely necklaces, baskets, and bracelets were all made by men and women from Uganda who are HIV positive, and all of the profits go towards clothing, feeding, and educating their children, some of whom are also HIV positive.
I bought this cute yellow beads necklace. 

The men and women who created this jewelery and other crafts are sponsored by the Maa-Ma and Paa-pa group, which provides HIV+ men and women with a method to become economically stable by selling handmade items like jewelry, bags, baskets, leather good, and more. The website says:
Through the creation of beautiful Ugandan inspired handicrafts, the MaaMa- PaaPa psychosocial group provides its members with a chance at a life of economic stability and opportunity.  
MaaMa-PaaPa Handicrafts not only teaches participants to make arts and crafts and manage a business, but to create for themselves hope in a life where there is little left.  
For these HIV+ mothers and fathers, MaaMa-PaaPa Handicrafts is a last chance at making a life for  themselves and their families before the disease takes control. 

Be sure to check out the Maa-ma and Paa-pa website for more information and how you can help! 

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