Friday, August 13, 2010

Glimpses of Shantiniketan

While in India, we travelled to Shantiniketan, a small town 180 kilometers from the city of Kolkata. Shantiniketan is where Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore grew up and wrote some of his most acclaimed work. Shantiniketan has turned into a university town, and attracts thousands of visitors each year.
Here are a few glimpses of Shantiniketan.
{Vendors selling handmade crafts all over the town}
{A temple with gorgeous glass walls}
{The instruments of a baoul, or wandering minstrel}
{A bell hanging in the shade of a banyan tree}
{The rope-like branches of a banyan tree}
{an old house -- remainders of a period of grace and elegance}


  1. Hi Tania...Lovely images of Shantiniketan & I like your banner too...Thanks for visting my blog as you have asked I used blade (shaving blade)for cutting my designs.

  2. thanks deepika and thanks for visiting :)

  3. wow! this is such a cute place..i love all these arty crafty things..dilli haat types..:)thanks for your lovely comment on my blog..:)

  4. great to hear that u loved the banner..believe me this is the first compliment i received for the collage :)

    glad it caught ur attention.

  5. Hi

    Loved the glimpses of one of my fav authors/places... Wonderful captures:)



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