Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Anna Paquin of True Blood fame was recently spotted at the Emmy's rocking a fierce Alexander McQueen dress, and I totally fell in love! After a bit of hunting, I discovered that it is a Resort 2011, and actually looked at the collection for the first time. LOVE (as I do pretty much everything McQueen!!) I love Anna's dress -- it was so fierce and regal at the same time. Like Cleopatra meets woman warrior! I could go on and on :)

Take a look!

Anna Paquin; The dress on a McQueen model. 

Shoulder details of the dress!

 This recent collection included a lot of formal tops and dresses with strong, detailed gold shoulders. And I LOVED the shoes the model was wearing!!! 

Also found this gorgeous ombre-ish/print-ish dress in the collection! I love the color combo (it reminds of this Satya Paul Sari below) and the scarlet is simply yummy! 

{Unknown Source}

PS -- sorry for not updating! School just started and already I have ten million things to take care of outside of normal classes! This semester is going to be colorful, busy, but interesting :)
Stay tuned!!

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  1. orange gown stole my heart away....so feminine nd lusty but yet classy !


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