Thursday, April 22, 2010

Destination: Rajasthan

Ever since I watched the epic Indian movie Jodhaa Akbar, I've been dying to visit the state of Rajasthan in all its glory. Rajasthan is full of lovely old havelis, intricate carvings, deserts, beautiful women in colorful Indian clothes, grand old Indian palaces, and a definite old world charm!

Here's my Rajasthan collage :) Click on it to see all the details!

Here are some of my favorite Jodhaa Akbar photos - showcasing the Rajasthani interiors, clothes, jewelery, palaces, and of course the sexiness that is Hrithik Roshan and the lovely Aishwarya Rai.Tell me that after seeing these gorgeous pictures you don't want to go to Rajasthan too!!

 Just look at that jewelery!! OMG.  
That ceiling! I want that ceiling in my house! And of course, a man like that wouldn't hurt either ;) 
Now that is what I call a bedroom!! 
Here are some websites to check out for some more beautiful pictures and details on Rajasthan :)

Both images are of Bikaner, Rajasthan (Images from

**Note: none of the above images are my own!

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