Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Spring = an excuse to shop.
I've been itching to buy a pair of gladiator style or beaded sandals for ages, and this lovely weather is the perfect excuse to go shopping!
Here are some that I found online that I loved:

Mettalics = instant chic. 
I like the studs and side loop details on this one. And the color too!
A little on the expensive side for sandals, but shoes from DSW tend to last, so it's definitely an investment. And in any case, I'm loving the turquoise beading!
I love yellow! 
Again, I have a thing of metallics!
Here are some places to try for more selections:
 Also, be sure to check out NewYork Magazine: Shop-A-Matic's slideshow on the latest spring shoes here!

Have fun shoe shopping!!

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