Thursday, September 16, 2010

Festival Season -- Part 2!

I have more gorgeous jewelry to feature today!! This time, courtesy of my all time favorite, Tanishq! The jewelry here is from their Glam Gold collection and their Wedding collection. Both are gorgeous, minimalistic, and totally not gaudy! I love them -- they will add just the right amount of glam to your outfit this festival season!!


Love these ornaments -- a back ornament and an arm band -- they have my name written all over them! Now, if all gold was like this, I would be wearing it 24/7!

Subtle pieces from Tanishq's wedding collection to rock! Statement earrings, an intricate pendant, and a peacock cuff. I love Indian cuffs with animal designs on them! 
Yes, I know it's not minimalistic. I know. Not in the least.
But it is SO PRETTY!! OMG. Sorry, having a fangirl moment right now.
This necklace is totally on my wishlist! 

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  1. Hi... Thanks for visiting my blog.Amazing the peacock cuff.I saw your fickr uploads today... they are so colourful... love all of them...amazing talent!! Keep it up.


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