Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lakme Fashion Week 2010 | Manish Malhotra

I am not too fond of Bollywood celebs overdoing Manish Malhotra, but I do love his clothes. They may seem a bit OTT sometimes, but they are perfect for the bridal season -- whether you're getting married, or attending a wedding. MM's collection this year featured lots of the traditional reds and maroons, intricate embroidery, tasteful sheers, flowing skirts, and dashes of black and purple. I loved this collection! I really liked how the clothes were the focus and there was no jewelry to speak of! If only Bollywood celebs could learn a lesson or two from this show - less is more! Always!

Loved the full skirts in this collection - they are so fun to twirl around in and perfectly dramatic for a wedding. Not too sure about that sheer midriff, but I love the dark red anarkali nevertheless :)

Woot! More lehengas! I liked the bustier/full skirt idea -- something to try out. And the purple is divine!
Sarees! This is how sheer should be done - with a proper blouse, not with a sparkly bra, thank you very much. Loving the red blouse, and blue-violet is one of my favorite combinations. 

I quite liked the these three kurtas - rich colors and sharp silhouettes over jodhpurs/dhoti pants. Awesome!
I loved how the models played with clothes and twirled in them. Makes the collection come alive and look oh-so-dramatic. Yes!
My favorite shot of the whole show :)

Overall, a very regal collection. I have a new appreciation for Manish Malhotra!


  1. have done a fab review of LFW..i like manish's collection and the way he has kept the jewelery minimal..intersting post..i also liked the real wedding pictures you have in the previous posts..very nice :)


  2. Hey can u post some pics or a reviw on men's wedding dhoti-curta.. i'm a teenager (15)


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