Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lakme Fashion Week 2010 | Satya Paul

Satya Paul, eternally famous for his unique saris, presented at Lakme Fashion Week, Day 3. A collection of many different designs -- saris, dresses, lehenga, fusion-y clothes. Some worked, some didn't, and some were pretty darn interesting. Here are the ones that caught my eye!

I really liked the color combination of this lehenga -- it would translate really well to bridal wear without being garish or tacky. 
Fiery colors!
Understated elegance.

Loving this cream-gold-black combination!

Red and black - my favorite combination of all time :) Also love the cutout blouse! Sexy without being tacky.
Prints ranging from earthy to fiery! I really liked the colors of the last sari, but not the shiny material.
Fusion sari-esque outfit. I kind of like the sari/corset/dhoti pants combo. Probably no one but a tall, statuesque model can pull it off without looking stupid, but I like it nevertheless!


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