Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scenes From a Wedding

Small glimpses of my cousin's grand wedding this July, in Kolkata India. This was the first full, traditional Bengali wedding I attended in over ten year! So, of course, I took nearly 2,000 photos! The bride looked gorgeous, the groom was practically bursting with happiness, and the whole thing was so darn traditional that I loved it!
Here are a few glimpses of that wedding -- more to come later :)

Boron dala, or a blessing tray, for the turmeric ceremony (gayey holud)
Sindoor daan, or the bride getting vermilion on her forehead. This marks her as a married woman.
Bridal henna!
The groom holding the container with the sindoor, or vermilion on it.
Henna on the bride's feet! 
The bride getting ready to do the seven circles around the groom.

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