Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maximum India! | Part 2

More from Maximum India!
This time, some of the gorgeous, drool-worthy jewelry displayed from Jaipur Gem Palace

The Gem Palace was established in 1852 by the erstwhile Kasliwal family of Jaipur. Jewellers for over eight generations, the Kasliwals even have the distinction of being court jewellers to Moghul emperors. Situated in the heart of the royal city of Jaipur, The Gem Palace is a must-visit for connossieurs of fine jewellery. From antique jewels from the coffers of Maharajas to contemporary designs studded with the precious gemstones, the shop has it all.  
{From the Jaipur Gem Palace website}

Take a look! 
 A ridiculously opulent necklace and headpiece - made of hundreds and hundreds of pearls and studded with diamonds and other precious gems! It was stunning to look at - the photo doesn't do it justice! 

 A diamond brooch and tassel necklace.

A beautiful minakari (enamel-inlaid) box, enamel earrings, and carved bird ring with rubies and emeralds. 

 Ruby and emerald necklace. 

Like I said, absolutely drool-worthy, and most certainly fit for a queen.  
More to come soon! 

*All photos copyright Undercover Diva (Tania C)


  1. You know, I was speaking to someone connected with the show, and they said that the family who commissioned the first headpiece/necklace in pearls, actually bought four of them, one for each daughter who got married! Can you believe it? Crazy wealthy...

    Thanks for posting the pictures...I was trying to describe the show to a friend, and now I don't have to!

    Jenny K

  2. Wow, I didn't know that! And, no problem, thanks for dropping by :)


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