Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maximum India! | Part 3

More from Maximum India!
Here's even more of the gorgeously crafted jewelry from Jaipur Gem Palace

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A huge necklace with uncut emeralds and diamonds. The back of it features enamel work so the necklace can be worn backwards as well!
Boxes and cuffs inlaid with precious stones. I love the little bird with the emerald hanging from its beak!

This huge necklace was exquisite! It was inlaid with kundan work - a conglomerate of uncut stones. On the back, it was inlaid with minakari (enamel) work, so the necklace could be worn on either side.

 I like to call this the turban bling-i-fier - with emeralds, diamonds, and pearls, it's the headgear of a king!

Opals and emeralds - the perfect combo.

*All photos copyright Undercover Diva (Tania C)

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  1. Omg, each piece is stunning and a visual delight! Can I have them all??


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